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Leather car seats are a valuable option for a vehicle's interior and often come at a premium price. Because of the added expense of a leather interior and the need of comfort while driving, it is important to clean, protect and restore your car's valuable leather.


But leather seats and and steering wheel are subject to a great deal of wear and tear on a daily basis.Constant sun exposure can also cause the leather to become dry and faded. And over time the weight and friction of sitting can cause the seats to crack and be full of wrinkles.


In order to protect, soften, restore and extend the life of your leather a frequence of conditioning using our top quality products finds its most necessary place within our car detailing process. Specially detailed leather will be free of dirt, stains,oils and grime commonly created by beverages spills, sticky and dirty food items, grime from sports gear, pets as passengers, etc.


Our non-toxic leather cleaners offer total care for your car's leather interior transforming a worn leather seat or panels back to like-new condition, specially when this one goes a long way to improving the look and feel of your car.