" Considering detailing as part of maintaining customer relations is a growing trend in car sales, but the dealers that truly understand the value of car detailing are the same people who also understand customer retention, in simple words, keep the customers returning to their facilities".

The Detail operations added to the fix ops are crucial to produce revenue and enhance customer satisfaction on their brand or experience at the dealership.


Our services focused on dealer's operations make reference to a special maintenance program for the vehicles exhibited at the showrooms in order to keep them as the ones most to be claimed for based on its lustrous appearance and perfect conservation condition precisely translated into the best dealership prestige.


MIA Auto Spa main concern in this regard is to help his dealer partner to gain more audience, more customer satisfaction and more referrals through our detail work keeping the cars in such a neat and shiny condition able to draw in more and more potential customers.


This program consists on 2 details per week done over the cars that remain for a long period of time at those exhibition areas. Includes the use of our premium sealants and waxes as part of a special car spraying system.


These maintenance program will essentially protect the automobiles investment, will increase its visual appeal and will position our dealer partners amongst the top likeable ones within the local market with regards to overall customer appreciation.


Service contracts will vary depending on volume of cars and size of vehicles the dealer may have. We have a highly trained staff ready to take on any cleaning task to be assigned and ready to participate on the glamour, quality and investment sides of your business!. MIA Auto Spa dealer services are exclusively commended to your greater profits and success!.