MIA Auto Spa has been dedicated to providing auto detail & car wash services for the Miami Beach & Miami Dade condo residents.


Your car will welcome you smelling wonderfully with the most lustrous appearance once our work has been performed. You won't have to make hot and huge lines at the car wash places consuming your valuable time any more.


Avoid these unnecesary trips and leave your vehicle right within your home place in the hands of the professionals!. The folks at MIA Auto Spa don't rely on any fancy machines or some sort of the last hit in technology.


Rather, we use the oldest tools known to man: the hands. We gently hand-wash every vehicle as if it's our own. Different " A La Carte" detailing packages, meanwhile, allow customers to specify what quality level they would like their vehicle to be serviced with.


Our team takes pride on delivering a shiny ride in a top cleaning condition. The ultimate satisfaction guaranteed every time service is offered!.