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The clear coat that protects your car is porous and filled with micro-ridges similar to human skin. From a distance your clear coat appears flat, but when you look at it through a microscope you see that it has many, many of these ridges.


Contamination can easily become lodged between these areas and reduce the optical clarity of your paint, thus creating a dull shine. Spraying a clay on the surface and glide the clay fine grade bar over these areas pulls out the contaminants.


This is similar to the process of exfoliating our skin, but in this case instead of human skin being rejuvenated it will be your vehicle paint to gain back a clean clear coat that is amazingly smooth to the touch and contaminants free.


Additional benefits of giving to our cars a clay bar treatment is that waxes and sealants adhere to this smooth and contaminant free paint much better, also meaning that the wax or sealant will last and shine longer.


Claying the paint is imperative in South Florida where humidity levels, the beach salty air and extreme sun influence makes our car's paint to be covered with countless contaminants types and to fade away much quicker.